woensdag 16 december 2015

Because I a man orthopedic shoe maker I am always looking for better shoes or quality in leather etc..
I also teach at the academie of shoe design in Sint-Niklaas and so it is not just for me but also for the students and future shoe designers important to know why a special kind of material is better than something else, or why we place a contrefort in Leather and what the positive reasons are for our feet but more importantly for our shoes, and the long life we want them to have.

A few months ago I passed by Cocodrillo in Antwerp, a higher class shoe store if you will, there you can buy very expensive shoes from very well-known designers.
As it is my job I buy shoes from time to time to test the quality and know where the difference lies, last week I was in Madrid Spain for example and bought myself a pair of Carmina shoes €350 completely in leather and Goodyear welt!
I know this shoe will last probably a lifetime as all the material is very solid and real leather, a year ago I bought a pair of Floris Van Bommels with look exactly the same and are known for their quality in Belgium and Holland!
After a few weeks however the outer sole started to wear of, with is not normal for a decent pair of shoes I would think, all over my kitchen there were stripes on the floor, the outer sole was litterly losing its material!

Anyway back to Cocodrillo, I saw a pair of Giuseppe zanotti shoes with I absolutely adored and looked pretty cool, the price €500 was a bit high however but I thought money well spent for my company as research, and I would be able to walk around in real Zanotti’s!
Naturally being happy about my new shoes I wore them almost every day for about one month where I started to see the outer sole losing its material…also just like the Van Bommel’s.
Not really attractive for the shoe but especially for high end fashion shoes like that, which costed a lot of money!

There were also two zippers that kept sliding down after the first month, since I am a shoemaker myself I thought I would wear it a little longer because expensive shoes like this should be able to be worn longer.
After two months the outer sole started to look as if I had worn the shoes for a whole year!
So I contacted through e-mail the shoes store Cocodrillo, they said the shoes looked to old as I send a picture to show what the shoe looked like.
The women from the store told me to come by and show me the shoes.
And so I did, she looked at the shoes and said yes sir but these shoes are very old, in which case it is normal that shoes wear off…I said excuse me after one or two months of wearing these shoes this is what the outer sole looks like clearly crappy material!
The women said excuse me sir but shoes are not to be worn every day and some people are not so cautious of their shoes than others…like it was my fault that Guiseppe Zanotti uses crap material!

More and more I see this occurring companies trying to make more and more money by using cheaper materials and making their shoes not the quality they were 10 years ago but still charging the same amount of money.
Clearly something needs to be said about this as we (the customer) are willing to spend more money for goof quality but don’t fuck us over jack cause we don’t like this and we will let others know your “quality” is not exactly what you say it is.

More and more small companies try to make it in to the big world by creating better quality why can’t big companies who make a lot more money make sure we get the quality we pay for, just so the owner can make some extra money, for his yacht or something?!
As you can see in the pictures these shoes worn for two months are well over due the outer sole is almost completely gone Guiseppe Zanotti what a rip off!
The upper leather is soft bad quality leather with looks as if I bought it very cheap somewhere!

And Cocodrillo has seen the last of me when they clearly protect the company that sells them these crappy shoes that should just not be sold!
By the way you can clearly see the right outer sole is not the same material as the left shoe!

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