donderdag 9 januari 2014

A custom made prefab support for high heel pumps!

I have other passions in my life besides photography “shoes” for one...

I see women on consultations wearing high heels every day.
For 25 years I have seen this and tried to rehabilitate women every time in wearing shoes with not so high heels or pumps without the pointy tows, but I soon realized that this was going to be a lost battle.
Women were not going to wear as they said “old ladies shoes”!
Since women come to the consultation with excruciating pain and walk in with a shoe that is too much of a high heel to be humanly possible, or pumps that are yes too small for a humans foot, or as the patient says "yes I know they are too small for my feet but I liked them so much!?"
So as an orthopedic shoe maker I tried not to understand a woman’s mind but to work the other way around since I teach at the academy of Sint-Niklaas “Shoe design” I realized that it might be an idea to try and make designers aware of the important things to care and think about when designing a shoe.
Right at the beginning, if designers know a few basic steps in orthopedics or biomechanics they can start creating shoes that are not just comfortable to wear but won’t deform your feet or tows!
Things that hopefully will change the industry for good as shoes created today are created with one thing in mind and one thing only that the design needs to be able to sell as much as possible without taking any consideration in any orthopedic knowledge what so ever.
For some reason in the past orthopedics and fashion never seem to work well together, it was almost a decease nobody ever wanted to deal with, in a way understandable if you see the shoes company's tried to make "orthopedic correct" and failed miserably in designing any descent looking fashionable or feminine looking shoe.
Until the last few years where designers showed more creativity and designed really beautiful shoes with lots of colors and (bling bling) that were possible to wear without having to deform your feet first.
For example the way plateau shoes were designed to make it look like you have a high heel even though it is pretty low when you think away the plateau.
To me it seems company's have finally learned that there is not just a possibility to create beautiful shoes that are “orthopedic correct” without having to make them look like moon boots or square blocks on your feet but that people will actually benefit as well from this knowledge and buy more shoes from a company that can make beautiful fashionable feminine shoes that also keep your feet fit.
Or how insoles are becoming a very important part of any shoe these day's more and more company's have insoles that you can take out of the shoe to create the possibility for people who wear inserts, and need to insert them in any shoe they have.
Imagine a shoe were you don't even have to take out the insole to place your personal high and thick insole in your fine pumps!
And this is where we come in, because we have tested what supports really do help a foot to be in an upright position and stay that way without allowing your tows to deform!

So we created an insole that can be worn in any shoe especially high heels that have the 4 important supports needed for any foot to stay in shape and keep looking healthy without any deformations.
Or the #healthyhighheel #insert was born.
To prove to people that it works we create the #custom-made #flip-flops 

Since #flip-flops don't give any support what so ever this was going to be the real challenge, giving support to peoples feet on a "shoe" that don't give any support at all.
And we did, today we make these #Flip-flops with a insole created for your foot on top of your existing #flip-flop.
They don't just look good they feel great satisfaction guaranteed and when your feet are supported trough the summer who needs ugly "orthopedic correct grandma shoes!