vrijdag 10 mei 2013

Vrouwenpolder take two

Blogging... not easy when doing 4 jobs...but here go's
When looking at the photos from Vrouwenpolder I can’t help wondering how that light comes about, it is late in the afternoon and gives, what I can only describe as a misty glow even though the sun is out and there is no mist to see anywhere at all!
However the way the lens catches this soft light makes me ecstatic when composing the next shot.
I can’t seem to stop shooting as every shot from here might be the perfect one...it feels as if you are running and catch your second breath, you just have to go on now there is no way you can stop.
This warm feeling of creativity overwhelms me and I know the result will be everything I expect it to be.
And even though I'm never completely satisfied, I'm happy with the result of the light.
I read in a blog I believe from Jan Scholz, who is a master in using soft light in he's work, where he said that the way soft light is captured on film it can never be done digitally.
Naturally I am such a stubborn person I don't take anyone's word for it unless I get to figure this out for myself...
And so I have been testing with the craziest things to try and get this effect, I red in a magazine that in the old day's photographers used Vaseline on the lens to get a blurry or soft light effect.
I don't have to tell you this is by all means not an easy task to preform nor is it very professional when you get out the Vaseline during a shoot, and start smearing Vaseline over your very expensive lens!
A lens that becomes all of a sudden very adhesive towards sand, dust and even plumage from a wondering pidgin that was interested in the shoot as well :-/
Covering your lens with Vaseline will not leave out your also very expensive camera with greasy finger spots all over its body.
To make a long story short, it is not a good idea, so I started looking at products that could be used in the same way, and as an orthopedic we use a lot of plastics and adhesive see through latex that don't harm your lens, nor camera in any way.
And so this digital soft light was born...
I'll keep on testing untill I'm happy with the result.

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