vrijdag 31 mei 2013

Up close and personal

It is Monday morning and my girlfriend tels me she took a day off to spend with her kids, and if I would be interested to come and spend some time with them...

I bought my new Nikon D4 Saturday so I have been testing for two day's now just a little playing with the new buttons and positions of those buttons that makes the camera worth a lot more so I was told.
The video possabillity is an overwhelming featcher that makes me want to try this new world of capturing, not just frames but intire movements, like little story's waiting to be told.
A very fast capture and freezing a single moment or what we call a photo is something else than capturing everything that went on before or after the photo without recognising where within all those frames the actual picture you wanted to make went!
Not mentioning yet everything that is captured without wanting it to be displayed or heard in the backgound... like trembeling or unexpected sounds that enter your video extavaganza?!

When I was in LA I had the groovy opportunity to have an interesting conversation with Charles Lucima about the quality of video and how it could very well be the future of photography.
We contemplated that when taking that perfect shot right before or right after the shot made there might have been an even better shot, but in all fairness we would never know this unles we shoot in bursts of 3 shots for instance, but then who is to say that right after these bursts or before there might have been another perfect shot or the best shot of them all…
There is just no way of knowing this unless video becomes such a good quality that a single shot you take out of a video you created is a large enough format usable in your photographic work, so that you can slowly work your way through the length of the video until you bump into that moment of delight.
Needless to say the quality is not yet what it would have to be at this moment but the future might be closer than we think, and handling the D4 gives me a very exiting sensation when I see the quality of the film produced, and wonder about the talk we had in LA.

Anyway since I love portrait photography, my girlfriend’s kids would be the next specimen to place in front of my lens.
I decided to use a tele/macro Sigma lens 70/300, just a very old lens I bought a long time ago when the price of the lens was still very much an issue, and even though the lens is a reasonable 5.6 it is great for outdoors working with a lot of sun and fast photography. 
Her kids are 5 and 8 and the smallest is always everywhere and at the same time, very explosive, I needed to be ready for that one moment she would be or, one moment focused on something else or far enough to be able to focus on her face and close enough to be able to let the macro do its thing…

And then it happened, she let her guard down when mom asked to do her finger nails (red) and I moved backward to try and focus on her face, being less than 2feet away from her it was not an easy task and I practically fell over the railing leaning back but I could see the moment happening as I moved slowly away from her and…there she was!

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