vrijdag 26 april 2013

Vrouwenpolder, My very first blog...

Raphaella send me a text asking if I had any time on my hands to do a shoot, as she was going to be in the area.
The idea jumped in my head to shoot at an underground garage, brand new and never used somewhere in Antwerp, the place looks absolutely fantastic to say the least it is really great and is perfect for some creative photography, even though we never got there :-/
I had to teach (shoe design) this Saturday and finished at 5pm so went to pick her up at the grand central at 5:30 and we decided to go to the ocean in Holland it seemed an excellent idea at the time the sun was out and in the car it was nice and warm, by the time we would end up in Holland the light would be perfect...
I have no feeling for direction and even with a gps in the car it is possible for me to not find where we have to be and get totally lost...
After 7pm we got there we had to walk through the dunes in beach sand, with heavy backpack and 4 herniated discs complaining when we would end up at the location.
The location was well worth the walk, even though the cold wind made posing almost impossible, the things models have to go through to give us the images we want to create!
Trying my new lens baby and a few other test lenses I prepped...to catch the soft light just as an analog camera would, at least that was the idea, I really love this effect!

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